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  • Plant-related Combustible Dust Dangers - One Point Lesson

    What are the specific plant-related dangers of combustible dust? Facilities that process combustible dust may be unaware that combustible dust is accumulating in and around the ceiling and overhead horizontal surfaces and structures, behind walls and other enclosed areas. The potential for a catastrophic event increases over time for reasons such as combustible material contamination. Facilities that process multiple types of combustible dust have greater potential for deflagration or rapid expansion of gases that develop into an explosion due to the combined chemistry between various compounds and types of combustible dust. Facilities that manage combustibles in proximity to other processes where heat, moisture, chemicals, and incompatible reactive materials may be at greater risk for a catastrophic event. Depending on the dust explosivity category, the plant may be severely damaged or destroyed by the explosive force of the fuel whether from low or high Kst values. For example, fiberglass gel coat dust has a higher explosivity than wood dust or grain dust. Kst is the rate or velocity of burn for the material. Black powder burns at a rate of 500 to 200 feet per second. Kst is established while evaluating the explosivity of the dust under laboratory conditions

  • Are you able to centralize a vacuum indoors?

    One Point Lessons All Industrial-Duty vacuum cleaning systems properly designed and manufactured can be centralized either indoors or outdoors if the manufacturer has taken this aspect into account during the engineering process. HEPA–certified, high-efficiency particulate arrestance filters are an absolute must when using vacuum cleaners indoors. HEPA filters must be matched to the maximum flow of the vacuum exhauster. In addition to combustible dust, employees are sometimes exposed to hazardous dust or HAPS referred to as hazardous air pollutants the industrialized vacuum cleaner can handle. Additionally, most factories emit dust and debris from specific manufacturing operations that can infiltrate other critical processes. The vacuum system (low volume high pressure) can be fitted to these operations to capture quality killing particulates from affecting in-process or finished goods. Vacuum as a utility. Vacuum cleaning systems equipped with this capability can be adapted to “lift” material over 100 feet vertically thus performing double or triple duty as a bulk lifting or material transfer tool for large amounts of material accumulations on horizontal surfaces or large piles of steel shot or even powdered tungsten weighing 1200 lbs./cu ft.

  • Air Dynamics Q&A: 3 Questions many companies should ask to succeed with a central vacuum unit:

    One Point Lesson: 3 Questions many companies should ask to succeed with a central vacuum unit: Q. How do I know if I need PTFE filters or polyester filters? A. Filters are selected based on the type of material collected. PTFE is a plastic coating bonded to the base polyester media to enhance filter performance. Polyester felt or spun-bond media is the typical go-to for most applications. Q. What type of metal tubing should be used for stick material? A. Vacuum systems are usually deployed using galvanized coated tubing. Other materials such as aluminum and 304 stainless steel are selected based on the application's environmental or sanitary requirements. Q. How much maintenance does an Air Dynamics Central Vacuum need? A. Typically 8 to 25 hours a year. The maintenance primarily includes filter changes and general performance upkeep.

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  • AEROSPACE | Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation

    DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM TO SOLVE? CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US AEROSPACE PRODUCTS SERVICES REQUEST A QUOTE Aerospace manufacturing demands world-class direct and indirect supply chain solutions. Air Dynamics offers critical solutions for aerospace OEMs as an indirect supplier supporting defense aerospace programs and commercial, General Aviation, Space, and MRO activities. Supporting critical defense programs requires manufacturing support equipment to perform reliably, sustainably, and flawlessly over time with minimal to zero equipment downtime. SERVING A CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE ROLE IN AEROSPACE MANUFACTURING ​ During the COVID-19 pandemic, our manufacturing facilities and personnel were called on to deliver equipment and services critical to National security in addition to plant personnel safety, plant asset preservation, and production quality while enhancing flight safety.* The equipment supports the continuous manufacturing operations for fixed-wing F-35 Lightning II, rotary-wing CH-47F Chinook, & Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey defense programs. As Directed by the United States Under Secretary of Defense, we served and continue to serve as a Critical Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce in the prime and subcontractor roles supporting larger National Defense and Se curity missions. AEROSPACE SUPPORT EQUIPMENT APPLICATIONS CAPTURE AND CONTAINMENT SYSTEMS FOR FOREIGN OBJECT DEBRIS CREATED DURING AEROSPACE MANUFACTURING AND ASSEMBLY OPERATIONS ​ Air Dynamics offers aerospace manufacturing support equipment for every specific operation from manufacturing through validation of aerospace flight control surfaces, sensors, avionics, propulsion, and vehicles. Typical manufacturing operations consist of foreign object debris (f.o.d.) source capture and removal systems, 5S program equipment, de-flash operations, f.o.d. removal during aircraft join/splice operations, f.o.d. removal from robotic sanding and drilling operations, oil/coolant and chip removal from high speed, high volume chip generating machining operations, capture and containment of fugitive dust and airborne debris during maintenance repair and overhaul operations (MRO) and manufacturing research and development (MR&D) operations. ENVIRONMENTAL TESTING AND JET PROPULSION ABRASION PERFORMANCE VALIDATION ​ Environmental simulation for aerospace aircraft components, avionics cockpit displays, instrumentation, and jet propulsion validation equipment can be tested under existing laboratory standards and beyond for extreme environmental conditions. The support equipment we manufacture includes our patented blowing sand and dust environmental test chambers that all meet or exceed MIL-STD-810H, DO-160G, MIL-STD-202G, and NATO Standards. Our patented jet propulsion engine abrasion validation equipment produces results identical to 20 years’ time-on-wing over a condensed test plan delivering efficient results unmatched when compared to field testing requiring years of field work and time on wing trials. Our world-class blowing sand and dust environmental test chambers are second to none while controlling wind velocity, sand, and dust concentration. EXPERIENCE ​ Foreign object removal systems where our support equipment is installed cover over 1.4 million square feet of floor space serving three hundred and six simultaneous operators. These examples have operated continuously for over one million, two-hundred-fifty thousand hours (and counting) with zero downtime since 2006. Since 1991, our industrial vacuum systems have supported manufacturing for all industries requiring source capture and containment. Aerospace manufacturing equipment plays a pivotal role in the aerospace industry. This sector demands precision, reliability, and cutting-edge technology. Air Dynamics Designs and Manufacturers complete system solutions to support aerospace manufacturing. We play a critical role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of personnel and plant operations. These systems encompass a wide range of manufacturing support solutions including central vacuum units, foreign object debris separation, dust collection, etc. Air Dynamics has a long history of providing solutions for aerospace manufacturing and continues to exceed expectations with our capabilities. These specialized systems are essential in aerospace manufacturing facilities to maintain a clean and contaminant-free environment, as even small particles or debris can have detrimental effects on the precision components used in aircraft and spacecraft. Our systems designed for aerospace manufacturing are equipped with high-efficiency filtration ensuring that no foreign particles compromise the production process. Our complete systems are tailored to meet the stringent cleanliness standards of the industry and are available with features such as remote monitoring and maintenance to minimize downtime. We offer a full range of system solutions to help facilitate operational, safety, and environmental standards in your facility. Contact us today to set up a meeting to personalize how we can best support your needs. *The Defense Industrial Base (DIB) is identified as a Critical Infrastructure Sector by the Department of Homeland Security. The DIB sector is defined as the worldwide industrial complex that enables research and development as well as design, production, delivery, and maintenance of military weapons systems/software systems, subsystems, and components or parts, as well as purchased services to meet U.S. Military requirements. The Department of Homeland Security memorandum dated March 19, 2020, identifies the essential critical infrastructure workers during COVID-19 response emergency, and provides guidance to State and local officials as they work to protect their communities while ensuring continuity of functions critical to public health and safety as well as economic and national security. CAPABILITIES TURN-KEY SOLUTIONS FOR AIR CLEANING & PURIFYING NEEDS APPLIED AIR FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY AIR INVENTORY & QUALITY ASSESSMENTS ACGIH INDUSTRIAL VENTILATION GUIDELINES INDOOR AIR QUALITY AIR CLEANING & PURIFYING EQUIPMENT FOREIGN OBJECT DEBRIS SEPARATION JET ENGINE PROPULSION VALIDATION PRODUCTS AVAILABLE PRODUCTS REQUEST INFORMATION AIR CLEANING & PURIFYING CENTRAL VACUUM SOLUTIONS DUST COLLECTORS ENVIRONMENTAL TEST CHAMBERS PNEUMATIC CONVEYING PORTABLE VACUUM SOLUTIONS SERVICES AVAILABLE SERVICES 3D DESIGN LEARN MORE LEARN MORE 3D SCAN LEARN MORE LEARN MORE AIR QUALITY LEARN MORE LEARN MORE CFD SIMULATION LEARN MORE LEARN MORE LEAK DETECTION LEARN MORE LEARN MORE LEARN MORE OUR MISSION To deliver scientific driven, enterprise-level solutions resolving the toughest air & material control challenges. Our solutions result in premiere and innovative products that create safe, efficient, and productive work environments! TESTIMONIALS CASE STUDIES VIDEOS

  • Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corp | York, Pennsylvania | Supporting Manufacturers & The Warfighter | Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems & More

    Industrial Vacuums, Air Cleaning, & Environmental Test Chambers DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM TO SOLVE? CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US WE ARE CUSTOM INTEGRATORS IN AIR & MATERIAL MOVING SOLUTIONS Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation designs and manufactures air cleaning and purification devices (APCD), industrial portable and central vacuum cleaning systems, pneumatic conveying systems and the world’s largest most technically advanced MIL-STD-810H blowing sand and dust environmental test chambers. If you are seeking solutions for a complete system or replacement of marginal performing equipment, we invite you to have a group discussion with our capable team of experienced professionals. Bring us your most challenging demands in the realm where air, material, gasses, temperature, and humidity meet! Our Mission is to deliver scientific driven, enterprise-level solutions resolving the toughest air and particle control challenges. Our solutions result in premiere, innovative products that create safe, efficient, and productive work environments. For over thirty years, we have developed new products while attaining seven USPTO patents, Air Dynamics continues our passion for innovation and technological development while Advancing-the-State-of-the-Art™ in everything we do. Our world-class clients - Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, MARS, and others have attested. We are confident we can provide you and your enterprise with solutions that bring you measurable value in process efficiency, personnel and plant safety and sustainable performance while delivering world-class manufacturing support solutions. Advancing the State-of-the-Art ™ DESIGN TO ORDER LEARN MORE LEARN MORE MANUFACTURE TO ORDER LEARN MORE LEARN MORE SYSTEMS INTEGRATION LEARN MORE LEARN MORE LEARN MORE TESTIMONIALS The Desert Wind is the best technology we have found for testing and calibration laboratories. We use it within the aerospace and military sectors to assist the creation of parts development and provide part of the certification needed. - Stephane Carpentier, Dir. Innovation & Development, CTA FEATURED ARTICLES Silica Dust Basics in Industrial and Commercial Facilities & How to Combat It. Dust Collectors vs. Vacuum Systems: Understanding the Basics Tips for Dust Collection and Safety SEE MORE ARTICLES

  • PORTABLE VACUUMS | Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation

    DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM TO SOLVE? CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US PORTABLE VACUUM SOLUTIONS CUSTOM BUILT TO SUPPORT YOUR MANUFACTURING NEEDS KEY FEATURES SOLUTIONS APPLICATIONS ABOUT ABOUT PORTABLE VACUUMS Another innovation in Air Dynamics' arsenal of value-added products, our portable industrial HEPA vacuum cleaner brings a new level of capability for our clients in the business of manufacturing. ​ Designed to handle tough jobs, the PLĒCO can tackle everything from fine Silica Dust to Hazardous Combustible Material. We've even used our units to convey fine grains of sand, grain, and wet plastic material. Watch videos of PLĒCO’s power below. Manufacturers that are accustomed to “making dust” during production no longer must wait for a HEPA vacuum cleaner that delivers a “Production Level Vacuum Cleaners” to the plant floor. Whether in piles or spread across the entire plant, we will deliver the performance you never thought possible! Our innovative design (U.S. Patent 8,888,880) incorporates a HEPA filter in every vacuum cleaner we offer. The reason we include a HEPA filter in every system is simple – an industrial vacuum cleaner exhausts 100 to 500+ cubic feet of air – every minute, right into your breathing zone. A HEPA filter is a must-have for all portable industrial vacuum cleaners. The continuous duty of the PLĒCO combined with its' advanced filtration makes it the best portable industrial HEPA vacuum on the market. The PLĒCO portable HEPA industrial vacuum cleaner is designed to attach to your continuous industrial process – contact our application engineers to help you apply our technology to your demanding process. Available in sizes from 11.5 to 30 HP. Ask about our risk-free performance guarantee. Working in a hazardous electrical environment, or dealing with combustible dust? Our PLĒCOs are meant to handle tough jobs and make it easy. An industrial HEPA vacuum that tackles dangerous dust and continuous operation facilities. Suitable for environments like Class II Division 2. ​ Whether you're handling flour and grain, or silica dust and aluminum, the PLĒCO can clean your shop in record time. Regenerative HEPA Vacuum Series HEPA Filtration – Protects YOU and your employees Safely vacuum asbestos and lead with the Pleco Vacuum System Primary and secondary filtration in a compact design Suitable for production environments CONTACT US NAICS CODE: 333318 Super-quiet industrial portable vacuum High run time, continuous-duty regenerative vacuum producer with an industrial squirrel cage inductive motor Extra Long Life, TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) IP55 / RoHS Compliant / Insulation Class F Primary filter efficiency of 99.5% @ 2.5 micron Built-in HEPA filtration efficiency of 99.97% @ 0.3 micron Built-in shaker mechanism makes filters easy to clean without powering the system down Heavy duty, all-steel welded frame Easy-to-read vacuum gauge and dual differential pressure gauges System option of 1 to 5 operators The PLĒCO portable vacuum is easily configured Powerful suction allows the pickup of even the most difficult material Pre-separation options available Uses with vacuum attachments to reach tight spaces within your facility Use with vacuum attachments to increase the amount of floor coverage when cleaning you facility KEY FEATURES KEY FEATURES PORTABLE VACUUM SOLUTIONS 11.5HP PLECO VACUUM PORTABLE LOADER VACUUM REQUEST QUOTE 16.8HP PLECO VACUUM OPTIONS / SIZES PLĒCO Industrial vacuum with pre-separator Portable HEPA Vacuum Industrial Stationary Vacuum PLĒCO Industrial vacuum with pre-separator 1/6 APPLICATIONS • Housekeeping • Sanitation • Shipyard/Dry dock • Material Transfer • Conveyor Belt Spills • Dry Material Spills • General Surface Cleaning • Industrial Spills • Explosive Powder • Combustible Dust Cleaning APPLICATIONS AEROSPACE AEROSPACE MRO AGGREGATE / MILLING AUTOMOTIVE COMBUSTIBLE DUST ENGINEERING GENERAL INDUSTRIAL LAUNDRY – COMMERCIAL LAUNDRY – INDUSTRIAL SMELT MILLS FOOD MANUFACTURING TEXTILE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES SERVED INDUSTRIES SERVED

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