Clean air is important for workers confined to production equipment or an indoor or outdoor confined space. The average person has a lung surface area of about 1600 square feet. This lung area is the pathway between the air we breathe and the oxygen we need for survival. In a polluted environment, lung capacity is reduced causing problems for the longevity of the worker. 

Desert Wind™ Blowing Sand and Dust

The United States Military and Commercial Manufacturers have been seeking the capability to simulate the conditions of environments found in desert regions for years. Conflict in desert areas require people and support equipment to operate in the harsh environment. The Desert Wind™ Blowing Sand and Dust Chamber provides accurate, consistent, and repeatable testing parameters. No other system in the world can compete with the precise capabilities of the Desert Wind™. Systems can be designed in both portable and stationary arrangements, and meet the specific needs of the client.

Our Pneumatic conveying systems are the workhorse for modern material conveying of bulk powders. Though mechanical conveyance can be used in some operations, where applicable pneumatic conveying provides the means for quick, efficient, and reliable transfer of all manner of bulk materials. Our systems are designed to be integrated into your process, so production stays on track and the material is handled appropriately at every turn.

These heavy duty vacuum cleaners are for industries working in tough environments where the demands for sturdy and reliable high performing equipment are of the utmost importance. Capable of both portable and central vacuum arrangements, the PLECO will provide the power and reliability your shop needs to maintain house-cleaning standards.

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