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Are you able to centralize a vacuum indoors?

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

One Point Lessons

Indoor Central Vacuum

All Industrial-Duty vacuum cleaning systems properly designed and manufactured can be centralized either indoors or outdoors if the manufacturer has taken this aspect into account during the engineering process.

HEPA–certified, high-efficiency particulate arrestance filters are an absolute must when using vacuum cleaners indoors. HEPA filters must be matched to the maximum flow of the vacuum exhauster.

In addition to combustible dust, employees are sometimes exposed to hazardous dust or HAPS referred to as hazardous air pollutants the industrialized vacuum cleaner can handle.

Additionally, most factories emit dust and debris from specific manufacturing operations that can infiltrate other critical processes. The vacuum system (low volume high pressure) can be fitted to these operations to capture quality killing particulates from affecting in-process or finished goods.

Vacuum as a utility. Vacuum cleaning systems equipped with this capability can be adapted to “lift” material over 100 feet vertically thus performing double or triple duty as a bulk lifting or material transfer tool for large amounts of material accumulations on horizontal surfaces or large piles of steel shot or even powdered tungsten weighing 1200 lbs./cu ft.

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