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Custom Integrators in Air and Material moving solutions


We are certified by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists’ in the design of Industrial Ventilation Systems. Air Dynamics provides Engineer-to-Order (ETO) or Made-to-Order (MTO) products designed and manufactured based on specific customer requirements.


An ETO system would be similar to our project designing and installing a fly ash conveying system for Evergreen Community Power in Reading, PA. See our case study page for details.


These products may require a series of engineering changes throughout the manufacturing process. Adding to the challenge is the fact that an ETO product may have never been built before. Our design and manufacturing teams may be charting new territory.

Our six patents issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office stand as a testament to our thorough process. Our patents and systems are a demonstration of our innovative problem solving for our clients.


We have the capability to provide rapid manufacturing and prototyping. MTO and ETO capability combined with rapid manufacturing yields value-added solutions to many customer processes.


Core products we manufacture are; Dust Collectors, Downdraft Tables, Portable and Central Industrial Vacuum Systems, Pneumatic Conveying Systems, Environmental Test Chambers and Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Scrubbers, along with many other capabilities not listed. Contact our design team to see how we can help solve your company's challenge.




The best solutions by designing the best possible products


NFPA Certified
Qualty ISO 9001 Certified Sytm
Veteren Owned & Operated

We’re a resource recovery company. We selected two PLĒCO 30 HP portable vacuum systems configured for bulk pickup. Our customer just laughed at us when the Air Dynamics PLĒCO vacuums showed up. They actually said, they‘d never work! Although they laughed, that didn’t phase us – we did our research and we had confidence in Air Dynamics’ application engineer we worked with. The plant had a hundred thousand dollar central vacuum system; they even tried a “super sucker” with no decent results. The company gave up trying to recover the powdered tungsten themselves. We had their plant cleaned up in record time, even though the powdered tungsten weighed 1,150 pounds per cubic foot!

M. Hakli

A Resource Recovery Firm

We would recommend Air Dynamics to anyone looking for a pneumatic or material handling conveying solution.

L. Samuelson


We purchased the PLĒCO 8.5 HP vacuum for our powdered colors business. We chose this substantially built vacuum over a European import that didn’t offer what this American made system did. We purchased a second unit because the first system performed excellent even after filling the canister again and again without affecting the pressure drop across the filters at all.

G. Maynard

A Powdered Color Products Firm

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Air Dynamics

Air Dynamics
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