Light/Medium Duty

In a commercial kitchen, or small industrial process that requires grease, smoke, and other pollutant control? For most of these applications, we recommend our dry scrubbers. 


Installed at many facilities around the country, these continuous duty systems are the bedrock of a successful and clean cooking process. Read details here.

Heavy Duty

Is your cooking process producing large amounts of grease or other pollutants from heavy duty cooking? 


We offer powerful wet/dry scrubbers that can tackle even the most extreme kitchen cooking scenarios. Whether you're concerned about retrofitting an old system or installing a new one, we can handle the challenge. Read more here.

Live Fuel

There's nothing like a nice wood fired pizza! No matter if you use logs, pellets, or other varieties of live fuel, we can help your business control effluent gases, grease, carbon, and other pollutants that could inhibit your process.


Whether with our wet/dry scrubber, or a custom-designed scrubber for your process, Air Dynamics can help you meet your goals. 

Food Manufacturing

Dealing with a food processing or manufacturing facility that produces large amounts of grease and other pollutants? No problem!


We've designed and installed Hydrodynamic Scrubbers, Wet/Dry Scrubbers, and more for facilities that deal in huge quantities of exhausted materials. 


Don't let the scale concern you. Whether we retrofit an old system for you or help you install a new one, Air Dynamics has the experience and skill to handle the challenge. 

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CKV Scrubber Overview:


CKV or Commercial Kitchen Ventilation systems are specialized ventilation systems designed for use in commercial cooking applications. The CKV system begins at a hood suspended above the cooking appliances.

The hood is designed to capture heat and cooking effluent or pollutants generated by the cooking process. Cooking appliances vary from fryers to grilles and live fuel barbecues.


The hood is ducked into a vertical or horizontal duct referred to as a grease duct. The grease duct is a sealed duct leading from the hood to the building exterior. An air mover or fan creates a negative atmosphere at the hood. Fan air volume is selected based on the face area or length of the hood.


Commercial kitchen ventilation systems are difficult to balance. One only has to walk into a restaurant to take notice of this fact. It is not normal for a restaurant patron to depart from a dining experience only to have their clothing saturated with grease and odors or the smell of smoke from the cooking process. Some may enjoy this, others may not notice.


It is a common fact that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. Add to this, poorly balanced CKV systems and you have a recipe for poor air quality both indoors and out! A few constituents in commercial cooking are; grease vapors, carbon particulate, carbon monoxide, water vapor and chemicals produced during cooking.



As recently as 2007, the State of California, Washington and Georgia have begun to regulate commercial cooking exhaust emissions. Some California counties issue permits to a certain “burger” chain restaurant limiting the chain to a maximum production rate in pounds per hour. Just because it smells good does not mean it is beneficial to your lungs! 


There are numerous companies and numerous technologies that have been applied to CKV operations in an attempt to control indoor and outdoor air pollution from commercial kitchen operations. Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation has developed a number of unique, proven, cost effective solutions to this problem.


Call us to discuss your specific commercial kitchen ventilation system application.