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PLĒCO Brand Portable Industrial HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

The PLĒCO Brand portable industrial vacuum cleaning system is a new product designed and manufactured by Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation.

The PLĒCO portable vacuum cleaner is USPTO, patent-pending technology designed with the industrial and commercial vacuum cleaner user in mind. The new vacuum system is built around an all-steel, formed, and welded platform designed for intermittent or continuous, heavy-duty use.

Each PLĒCO portable vacuum cleaner is configured with primary and secondary, High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (1) (HEPA) filtration. This filter combination permits the use of the system for toxic metal dust such as lead, hexavalent chromium dust generated during commercial and general aviation MRO operations, cement dust, organic dust and many others.

The vacuum system can be configured for use in hazardous electrical environments such as the National Electrical Code(2), Class II Division 2, or other areas. The vacuum system is also configurable for the collection of combustible dust (3).

Many times, we, the user are unsure if a dust collector or vacuum system is required for a specific operation(4).

The first step in the process of determining your equipment requirements is to pose the following question. Do I need a dust collector or do I need a vacuum system? The answer depends on a number of variables.

Generally speaking, we identify the need for specific equipment based on how we intend to use the equipment.

1. A dust collector is typically used in conjunction with a process. This type of system is classified as a high-volume low-pressure system (HVLP). Think large ducts or hoses, i.e. 4” and larger.

An example would be a special ACGIH4 hood attached to a CNC milling machine enclosure where milling of solid carbon blocks is performed during the manufacture of injection molds.

2. A vacuum cleaning system is typically used for housekeeping in a plant or shop. This type of system is classified as a low-volume high-pressure system (LVHP). Think of small piping and small hoses, i.e. 1.5” to 2” I.D.

An example would be one or more “operators” using 1.5” I.D. x 25’ to 50’ flexible hose/s used for cleaning up or housekeeping around a mechanical conveyor system.

The question is usually asked, can we use one system for two specific operations?

Wouldn’t that be fantastic? Let’s find out!

Air Dynamics New Product Introduction for the

PLĒCO Portable Industrial Vacuum System

Q. Can a dust collector be used as an industrial vacuum cleaner?

A. No, if properly selected, the dust collector is a high-volume device with little ability to produce the high levels of vacuum (>60 inches of water column) required for the task.

Q. Can an industrial vacuum cleaner be used as a dust collector?

A. I wouldn’t try it, you would be wasting energy. The vacuum cleaner generates lots of vacuum or pressure at the discharge end of the pump but produces little volume.

As we can see, selecting the right tool for the job will ensure the job is accomplished with the least cost and effort. We don’t expect you to be an expert in the selection of air and material moving equipment – that’s why we’re here!

We have a few questions to ask you when assisting you with selecting the right equipment for your application. Please call us to find out which system would best suit your needs.

Product Support line: 1 (800) 743-3201

The PLĒCO portable vacuum is available in sizes and horsepower ranges for a single operator or 4 to 5 simultaneous operators, depending on the hose size and distance material is conveyed.

PLĒCO Brand Portable Industrial HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

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