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Commercial Lint Removal - Hotel Laundry Inefficiency - Money In Your Wake

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Cruise Boat Front

As a business, it is critical to have an efficient process. The goal is always to find the lowest cost for the best outcome.

Cruise vessels move large volumes of air internally for heating, ventilating, and cooling, hotel laundry operations, commercial kitchen ventilation, propulsion engine air scrubbing, and so on.

A typical cruise or land-based hotel laundry system with nine (9) high-capacity dryers incorporates eleven (11) or more air movers or fan blowers. Nine air movers at the dryers and an air mover for supply and exhaust to the main laundry.

For marine air moving applications, savings can be realized by applying automation to these variable applications. However, many air movers (fans/blowers) are selected and applied without consideration of to process. Thus, a fan is either “on” or “off” without the benefit of cost savings.

Photo of fan with lint accumulation

Lint Accumulation

Now add in the likelihood that the laundry system is not properly filtered. Lint passes through the laundry into the duct work and onto the exhaust fan (such as in the case shown here). Lint on the fan impedes airflow, raising the power output required. This raises the energy cost to run it as well.

Not to mention the maintenance required to clean the dirty ductwork, exhaust stack, fan blades, liability insurance for the maintenance workers . . . that's all money down the drain.

Lint Removal System

Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation has designed its own Commercial Lint Removal System - Lint Removal System II (LRS II) to reduce wasted energy expenditure.

• 99.9% Filtration @ 0.5 Micron

• Pulse-Jet Filter System

• Increased Energy Efficiency

Additionally, the LRS II integrates into the laundry system, circumventing many of the inefficiencies of the air-moving process.

Air Dynamics has been designing and installing turn-key ventilation systems and dealing with fluid dynamics challenges for over twenty-five years. Our systems are already trusted by Carnival, Cunard, Holland America, and other industry leaders. Call us to discuss how we can help you run a more efficient and safer laundry system.

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