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Air Pollution Unit Suits Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

The CKV HydroDynamic Scrubber™ is Suitable for 24/7 Cooking Operations

Suitable for 24/7 operations, CKV HydroDynamic Scrubber™ removes grease, smoke, and odor from commercial cooking process to reduce or eliminate chances of fire damage, grease-induced deterioration of rubber roofing, stains on building exterior, and contaminated HVAC coils. Using approach suited to air-stream pollutants, system effectively removes grease particulate and grease vapors in commercial kitchen ventilation (CKV) operations.

Designed for commercial kitchen ventilation, the CKV HydroDynamic Scrubber™ removes grease, smoke and odor from the commercial cooking process.

Each year, commercial cooking operations cause more than $100 million dollars in fire damage to property. Other damage includes grease induced deterioration of rubber roofing, stains on building exterior and contaminated HVAC coils resulting in high maintenance and energy costs.

According to a 2006 white paper report commissioned by Food Service Consultants Society International (FSCI), current technology for CKV grease removal is far less than 50% efficient at grease removal.

The commercial cooking process generates grease in the form of tiny droplets (particulate matter) and grease vapors (gas or condensable PM). Impingement style filters and baffles are less than 50% efficient at capturing particulate matter (PM) greater than 2.5 microns in size. Filtration efficiency on grease particles less than 2.5 microns and grease vapors is near zero.

The U.S. EPA has designated certain areas throughout the country as non-attainment areas. These low lying areas such as river basins and mountain valleys allow these fine particulate to settle out during temperature inversions and calm atmospheric conditions. PM 2.5 or respirable particulate is considered an environmental health hazard because the small particulate cannot be expelled by the lungs.

How do we capture the grease droplets and vapor current CKV equipment exhausts into the atmosphere? The CKV HydroDynamic Scrubber™ uses an approach suited to the airstreams' pollutants. This technology becomes an ideal solution for grease, smoke and odor. The CKV HydroDynamic Scrubber™ is highly effective in the removal of grease particulate and grease vapors in CKV operations.

Please contact our engineers to discuss your commercial kitchen ventilation challenges.

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