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Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corp, York PA Awarded Contract for Blowing Sand and Dust Chamber

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

MIL STD 810H Environmental Test Chamber

Air Dynamics Corporation developed the concept of Sand and Dust Environmental Simulation in a single test chamber. Capable of real-time monitoring each test parameter, the technology will provide repeatable results for MIL-STD-810G sand and dust testing for military hardware and the war fighter.

In addition to MIL-STD-810G Blowing Sand and Dust Chamber, the sand and dust environmental simulator can be adapted meet test standards such as DO-160F and others.

The Patent Pending Technology will provide the same capability to evaluate commercial products in a real-time, repeatable environment complete with data logging capability. Commercial applications include sand and dust testing for Automotive, Wind Turbine, Solar Panel and Aerospace manufacturing.

Air Dynamics will be providing technical services to the U.S. Military in support of environmental simulation and testing development. Efforts under this task will provide enhanced testing capabilities in the simulation of environmental impact and equipment degradation in areas with significant airborne sand and dust. Air Dynamics will fabricate and install a Desert Wind™ Test Chamber for the U.S. Military.

Specifically required for the project are engineering and technical support for the research, design, development, integration, test, evaluation, installation, software/firmware support, safety analysis and engineering related logistics for the procurement, production, maintenance, and related services for the Test Chamber systems, subsystems, equipment and components. Air Dynamics will provide test fixture design and development support for the Environmental Testing Branch including to design/development, validation, fabrication, and documentation.

The process includes prototype design; prototype, developmental, qualification and OPEVAL fabrication and testing, product engineering, electronics integration, test fixture design and prototyping, value engineering, systems integration, reverse engineering, safety and failure analysis and repairs at the Military Test and Evaluation Division.

We will test and evaluate systems, subsystems, equipment and components both locally at our manufacturing sites and the final installation site. We will also perform field service engineering tasks at the Division locations and private contractor facilities. Tasking at the Military Test Center will include installation and testing of new components and systems, trouble shooting and maintaining deployed equipment, and the installation and testing of alteration kits and components in accordance with applicable operational specifications.

Background on the Project

The impact of airborne sand and dust on DOD assets is a complex and challenging problem. In order to provide reliable data on equipment reaction to adverse environmental conditions, specialized test equipment is required. The new capability will provide an improvement to the Operational Readiness of the U.S. Armed Services.

About Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation

Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation is a custom Integrator and Manufacturer of Indoor Contaminant Control systems and Hybrid Air and Material Moving Systems. We are a veteran owned small business concern, established in 1991. We offer Pollution Control Systems, Vacuum Systems, Environmental Process Cooling, Energy Optimization, Product Development, Engineering & Design. For more information, please contact Daniel Lehman, 717-854-4050,, or visit our website for more information

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