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Fire Prevention for Hotel Laundry Operations

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Burnt Dryer Unit: Image Courtesy of U.S. Coast Guard

Burnt Dryer Unit | On-board Laundry System

A laundry lint fire in 1998 off the coast of Alaska forced the eyes of the maritime world back to the danger of an onboard fire at sea. Cruise-line industry leaders such as Holland America and Cunard knew it was time for an effective solution. But the first question was, how?

Dryer Lint – A Prime Accelerant The standard laundry operation onboard marine vessels contains washers and dryers, with some employing lint removal systems. In an optimal scenario, this would remove all the lint before entering the ductwork.

However, this is rarely the case.

If the lint removal system’s filtration is not properly engineered, the system will pass the lint into the exhaust duct creating a fire hazard for the vessel. Since the hotel/crew laundry rooms are located low in the belly of the ship, lint exhausted into the ductwork can traverse the height of the ship. And if the lint can travel there, so can fire fueled by it.

What is an effective laundry lint filter? A lint filter ranges in efficiency depending on the design. Most filters applied in lint removal systems are effective to 200 microns. This level of efficiency is not adequate for marine applications.

Is there a better way to protect a vessel from a laundry lint fire?

The first step is to determine how effective your filter is at removing lint. Ignoring lint accumulation is asking for disaster. One spark from a faulty wire, an absent-minded employee, or a misstep from a contractor can cause devastating fiscal losses. Delaying proper assessment due to a monetary concern can lead to exponentially more financial losses from liability lawsuits and ship repairs or loss of the entire vessel.

Where to turn?

When faced with this challenge, Holland America and Cunard chose Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation. Since 2002, Air Dynamics has been continually retrofitting outdated systems onboard cruise liners around the United States and the world.

Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation has developed advanced lint removal systems with a focus on filtering materials otherwise ignored by competing systems. Our systems are effective to half a micron, trapping lint and pathogens and reducing topside emissions to zero. Additionally, the system offers greatly improved power efficiencies that can save thousands of dollars. Visit our website to see the improvements we’ve already made on many cruise-line vessels. Feel free to contact our engineering department to hear about our prior installs and the many ways we can improve ventilation systems onboard your vessel.

LRS II | Installed on-board a cruise ship

Fire Prevention for Hotel Laundry - The LRS II

This system is the LRS II installed on board a Carnival Cruise Vessel. Filtration to 0.5 microns ensures a clean laundry room and ductwork.

The LRS II also boasts greatly increased energy efficiency that reduces overall expenditure.

Already trusted by Holland America, Cunard, and Carnival, the LRS II can handle the continuous, heavy-duty work that other systems can't. Get ahead of the challenge, and get the right solution.

Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation.


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