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Developing the Most Sought-after Blowing Sand and Blowing Dust Environmental Simulator

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

York, PA - Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation continues to manufacture and develop one of the most highly sought-after testing simulators available. Desert Wind Blowing Sand and Blowing Dust Environmental Simulator offers repeatable testing and provides predictable results. It differs from other systems with its proven dust concentration and distribution at the test item location while it exceeds Military Standard 810 requirements.

Environmental tests are used to verify if a piece of equipment or military hardware can withstand the rigors of harsh desert environments.

Our control system features an Allen Bradley control platform and UL 508A-listed panels. Functions include automated system control, touchscreen operation, data recording, validation of distribution and concentration, custom configuration, and remote control.

Customizable settings allow control of motive air injection velocity, variable temperature, humidity, air velocity, and particle concentration. Creating real-time recorded output of each test parameter.

Our Desert Wind technology also includes a real-time gravimetric concentration system, an industrial hygiene system with an integrated industrial vacuum, custom injection, and distribution nozzle design, and can be customized to include a portable design to perform outdoor testing.

Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation expects to see continued manufacturing of both its stationary and our newest portable mobile unit. Both feature the same environmental tests and capabilities.

In June 2016 Air Dynamics successfully delivered our second portable unit manufactured for an aerospace company, and our largest stationary unit manufactured for military testing leaving our manufacturing plant in August 2016. Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation is ramping up design and production for future orders.

About Air Dynamics

A custom manufacturer of indoor and outdoor control systems. It offers Environmental Testing Chambers, Dust Collection Systems, Industrial Central Vacuum Systems, and Portable Industrial Vacuum Systems.

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