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Choosing the Right Industrial Dust Collection System for Your Facility

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Dust Collection System | Air Dynamics

According to the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, over ninety percent of dust collection systems are improperly designed or installed. If you just read our blog about how Dust Collection Units can Save you Stress and Money, you already know the necessity of installing a properly designed industrial dust collection system in your facility. The world-class dust collectors we design and manufacture at Air Dynamics can prevent the effects of air pollution in your facility, including dust explosions and worker illness caused by dust inhalation. We know that all industrial manufacturing, food processing, and fabrication facilities are different, and that’s why we offer extensive configurations of dust collector systems, each with different features to make them highly functional for your unique application. Below, we’ll share a little bit about each type to help you begin thinking about which is right for your company’s needs.

Cartridge Filter Dust Collectors Ideal for manufacturing facilities in industries like Aerospace or automotive, where metal processing applications such as grinding, sanding, welding, and soldering are common, this heavy-duty dust collector can be custom-built to meet your process demands. Cartridge filter dust collectors are highly effective where the dust particulate is of a specific size and shape. A cartridge filter incorporates a significant amount of media per unit volume. Therefore the dust cannot be fibrous so as to bridge between the pleats of the cartridge. One of the most valuable features of this system is the benefit of a low-pressure drop across the unit, meaning it consumes 30% less energy than traditional dust collector design. This reduces the frequency of maintenance and lowers operating costs. Considering cartridge filter dust collectors for your application? Learn more details and compare the different available models.

Fabric Filter Dust Collectors Fabric Filter Dust Collectors are ideal for all manufacturing operations that produce dust, including wood and all fibrous dust. Available in many different models as well as custom configurations, these advanced dust collection systems feature some of the same benefits as cartridge filter dust collectors, but with a different filter media and shape. High-strength inlet deflectors help protect the fabric bags from the wear caused by abrasive dust particles over time, helping to extend the life of the filter bag. Available with your choice of hopper shape, the units can be custom-built to fit your unique application but always include our engineered filter cleaning system for unmatched continuous duty performance, convenient service access doors, and a high-efficiency fan on the clean side of the system. Convinced that a fabric filter dust collector is right for your application? Learn more details first, then contact us and speak to one of our helpful design engineers.

Compact Dust Collectors Compact dust collectors are suitable where there is a requirement for portability or small manufacturing operations. If fumes, gases, vapors, dust, and other contaminants are an air quality concern in your manufacturing or processing facility, a compact dust collector might be the ideal solution. With the choice of portable, floor-mounted, or suspended models, the heavy-duty construction allows for an entirely customized filtration solution for your unique needs. Compact dust collectors are effective for capturing and controlling fumes, smoke, and dust. A polysorb carbon after filter for fumes or a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) filter for final filtration of fumes and respirable particulate. Our portable industrial dust collector is ideal for smaller facilities that produce smoke and fumes such as welding where hexavalent chrome and other hazardous air pollutants are generated. Despite the smaller size, this advanced dust and contaminant collector features the same reliable construction and powerful filter cleaning system as larger standalone models. Does a compact dust collector sound like the right air-quality solution for your facility? Learn the other details about this innovative system and if you still have questions, contact us today.

We’re Here to Help! If you’re still unsure about which dust collection system is suitable for your application, we’re happy to help. Here at Air Dynamics, we’ve built our reputation on our ability to design and manufacture dust collection and pollution control equipment for facilities of all sizes in just about every industry. When you contact us, we’ll take the time to get to know your needs, recommending or custom designing a dust collection system that removes dust, smoke, and contaminants from the air, giving you peace of mind and keeping your facility and workers safe. Contact us today to get started!

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