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Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation

Updated: Oct 7

Air Dynamics

Air Dynamics is a custom integrator and manufacturer of indoor contaminant control and air/material moving systems for commercial and military markets. The privately owned company provides sustainable solutions to complex industrial ventilation and air/material moving challenges through a variety of products and services including central vacuum systems, pneumatic conveying systems, commercial kitchen ventilation systems, environmental simulators, engineering and design, research and development. Its turn-key systems currently are in use by the aerospace, commercial, industrial, medical, and military industries.

Headquartered in York, Pennsylvania, the veteran-owned business was founded by Daniel P. Lehman. A U.S. Air Force veteran with experience in Inertial and Radar navigation systems installation and maintenance, he began his private sector career as a software and hardware integrator of commercial computer systems for all military service branches. In 1991, he founded Air Dynamics as a custom integrator of industrial air and material moving systems manufactured by others. Responding to consistent market demand for long term systems performance from a single source provider, the company revised its business model to improve existing technologies and develop proprietary solutions for individual needs. Creating innovative design processes that have resulted in numerous U.S. patent applications, Air Dynamics has served as the single source provider of custom solutions for organizations including Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Armstrong World Industries, Key Plastics, Eagle Snacks, Boeing, US Navy – Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center, US Army – Redstone, Hershey Foods Inc, Ford Motor Co., Mars Pet Care, and Canada’s Aerospace Technology Center.

As Dan explains, “Every solution is built around our client’s problem and usually advances the state of the art.”

Today, Air Dynamics provides turn-key systems that include concept & design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, and service. ACGIH certified designers ensure that each system meets or exceeds OSHA requirements for toxic removal from contaminated air found in military and industrial work environments. Most recently, Air Dynamics has introduced a technology solution for testing the effects of desert environments on military and commercial equipment. Its Desert Wind(TM) Blowing Sand and Dust Environmental Simulator creates a precisely controlled environment for testing products used in arid regions from a single test chamber enabled by Allen-Bradley’s most powerful industrial programmable logic controller to produce repeatable, verifiable test results in a hard real-time industrial process environment. This technology responds to a critical need first identified during the 1991 Desert Storm conflict and significantly exceeds the current U.S. military standard (MIL-STD-810G) for blowing sand and dust test parameters.

For more information on Air Dynamics, go to or call 717-854-4050. Air Dynamics is located at 180 Roosevelt Avenue, York, PA 17401.

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