Silica Dust in your facility and why it needs to GO!

The PLECO is the solution to hazardous dust, crystalline silica, and even material conveyance at your facility, grain mill, or plant. 


Powerful HEPA filters remove 99.97% of particulates at 0.3 µm and the durable pump can transport material over long distances without a differential pressure drop. 


The system can even be designed as a central vacuum and then removed to function as a portable for on the spot clean-up, or full facility coverage. A value-added solutions, on-the-spot!

The PLECO goes where you go.


Each unit is suited for Class II, DIV 1 or 2 environments, silica producers, and all combustible dust types.

PLECO Portable Vacuum System
PLECO Portable Vacuum System

This is the full PLECO system with the added drum attachment for extra fine filtration and storage.


The power of the PLECO unit doesn't even slow when tackling fine sand and dust.

PLECO Portable Vacuum with Drum Attachmnet
PLECO Portable Vacuum with Drum Attachmnet

Removes all the dust and material that hinders your process and keeps a clean facility.


This is the smaller horsepower PLECO unit.

PLECO 11.5 HP Vac
PLECO 11.5 HP Vac

When a more power is necessary, the PLECO 28 is up for the task. Strong and reliable, like all Air Dynamics' products.

PLECO with Grinder Attachment
PLECO with Grinder Attachment

The PLECO comes equipped to handle many tasks. This application removed silica dust directly from the grinder. Watch the video below to see it in action!


We are confident that you will love the PLECO for your housekeeping needs and so we're offering a RENT-To-OWN option, with all proceeds from the rental going straight to the final purchase price.


In addition, we are offering a Lifetime Warranty on our PLECO's, as long as you purchase the replacement filters through us.*Speak to our technicians for details

And because we understand that budgets can get tight, we accept payment plans and credit cards to make the purchasing process as easy as possible. 

This phrase is our motto at Air Dynamics. If our standard system isn't suited for your task, we can completely customize a system to suit your needs.


Depending on your process, we also provide ACGIH Certified Dust Collection and Ventilation systems that can remove any manner of dust and particulate, like silica, from your facility. 


Any questions, feel free to call our technicians at the number below, or send us an email to

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The Best Solution, by Providing the Best Product

Portable Vacs >>> Shop Vacs

Shop vacs like the one displayed here simply cannot handle industrial work-loads. Many of our clients purchased, and threw out, numerous shop vacuums and wasted time and money before turning to our proven PLECO solution.


The unit pictured here was the third or fourth for this client alone. Two of the previous models actually caught on fire! Shop-Vacs cannot handle wood dust which is not only highly flammable but combustible as well. 


Don't fool yourself into a cheap, quick solution. We see time and again clients who waste years, and thousands of dollars, on systems not designed for the job at hand. 


Make the proactive choice, save yourself the headaches.

Try out the PLECO and see the difference.



Inefficient Shop Vac

*Shop vacs present a clear and present danger when used with combustible dust due to the open motor design.

PLECO Units Lined Up In York, PA
PLECO's lined up and ready for service

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