OVERVIEW - The PLECO Loader Vacuum System

Designed to load dry material into a hopper using vacuum as a utility.
The Loader Vacuum Series lets you clean up your dry spills with ease using a super-efficient, triple-filter system and strong, super-quiet regenerative type vacuum producer. The Loader systems have several options available in storage hopper size, blower horsepower, and filtration, so you’ll get exactly the high-performance vacuum solution you need.

Good enough is just not good enough! The PLĒCO portable Loader Vacuum is designed with the industrial user in mind. This machine is constructed around an all-steel formed and welded platform engineered for working in relentless industrial environments.


  1. Capable of moving tonnes per hour based on application needs.

  2. Sizes range from 15 horsepower to 75 horsepower at 208,230,460 and 575 volts, three-phase electric.

  3. Each loader vacuum cleaner system incorporates primary filtration and a secondary high-efficiency filter.

  4. Suitable for use in hazardous electrical environments.

  5. Class II Division 2 or other areas.

  6. Configurable for the collection of combustible dust as outlined by OSHA and NFPA.




Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation is a premier manufacturer of industrial central vacuum and portable vacuum systems. Each of our systems incorporate a low-pressure design, thus resulting in lower energy consumption for the end user. This enables manufacturers to reduce energy requirements, reduce maintenance and operating costs when compared with conventionally designed vacuum systems.


Contact us today and find out how we can help you meet your industrial loader vacuum system needs. 


Please contact us regarding the use of the equipment for combustible dust.


  • Supports 2 to 7 operators using 1.5 in. ID hose, 3 operators using 2 in. ID hose, or other combinations

  • Integrated storage hopper, .75 cubic yd to 2 cubic yd

  • Power options include (60 Hz) 208v, 230v, 460v, 575v, and (50 Hz) 380v

  • Primary filter efficiency of 99.99% @ 0.4 micron

  • Inline safety filter for protection of the pump in case of filter primary failure, easily upgrades to HEPA

  • Super – quiet, continuous duty regenerative vacuum producer available in 15 Hp to 75 Hp

  • Effective, easy – to – reach external filter bag – shaker

  • Easy – to – read filter condition differential pressure gauge

  • Heavy duty, compact, all steel frame 53.5” (1358.9 mm) W x 76.25” (1936.75 mm) L x 103.56” (2630.42 mm) H, Weight – 2300 lbs (1043.3 KG) • Built-in fork lift channels on the frame and storage hopper

  • Configurable for portable or central vacuum system


  • HEPA filtration

  • Pulse jet filter cleaning

  • Positive displacement vacuum pump

  • Hot galvanized hopper lift, ideal for corrosive or outdoor environments 


  • Food Processing

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Metal Finishing

  • Aerospace

  • Chemical

  • Refinery

  • Plastics

  • Agricultural

  • Paper Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing

  • Automotive

  • Textiles

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