"We had our plant cleaned up in record time..!"




Inspired by L.D. Allen, the PLĒCO portable industrial vacuum never stops cleaning – just like the Pleco fish in your aquarium, the relentless sucking ability of our robust vacuum cleaner will help you to finally… CLEAN YOUR WORLD!

The PLĒCO portable HEPA industrial vacuum cleaner is designed to attach to your continuous industrial process – contact our application engineers to help you apply our technology to your demanding process. Available in sizes from 8.5 to 30 HP.

The PLĒCO portable Loader vacuum designed with the industrial user in mind, this machine is constructed around an all-steel formed and welded platform designed for working in brutal industrial environments where machine and man may seldom tread. If you're in search for the best portable vacuum, look no further. The PLECO can handle central or portable vacuum needs. Read on to learn more, or call us with any questions. 



Another innovation in the Air Dynamics arsenal of value add products, our portable industrial vacuum cleaner brings a new level of capability for our clients in the business of manufacturing.

Manufacturers that are accustomed to “making dust” during the production of your products no longer have to wait for a portable vacuum cleaner that delivers a “Production Level Vacuum Cleaners” to the plant floor. Whether in piles or spread across the entire plant, we will deliver the performance you never thought possible!

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U.S. Patent No. | US 8,888,880

US 8,888,880 B2

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