A High Efficiency Commercial Hood, the Kitchen Sentry™ is available in custom sizes designed to fit where you need them.


  • Type: Extra Heavy Duty CKV Hood Design

  • Continuous-Duty 24/7 operation

  • Prevents buildup of flammable grease in duct

  • Primary efficiency of at least 90+%

  • Self-cleaning Hood 

  • 304/316 Stainless Steel Hood Design

  • Retrofit module available for existing Type I hoods


  • Heavy Duty Type I CKV Hood 304 Stainless Steel Hood Construction 

  • 24/7 Continuous Operation 

  • Prevents build-up of flammable grease in grease duct

  • Reduces chance of fire in hood and exhaust ducting 

  • Primary efficiency of 90+%


The Kitchen Sentry™ is ideal for any industrial food application that requires the capture of grease vapors and grease particulates.



Any commercial Type I cooking and food manufacturing that produces grease vapors and particulate matter, smoke, and odor.



OVERVIEW - CKV Hood Scrubber


Designed for commercial kitchen ventilation (CKV), the Kitchen Sentry™ is the ideal solution for removal of grease vapors and particulate matter, smoke, and odor from the commercial cooking process. This system ensures trouble-free operation, capturing grease at the source before it enters the ductwork.

Kitchen Sentry™ provides a state-of-the-art CKV air scrubber and hood in one unit. Capturing 90+% of grease before it enters the grease duct, our patented design can retrofit existing Type I hoods.

U.S. Patents: 8,012,249 / 8,771,408

Kitchen Sentry™ CKV Scrubber

Kitchen Sentry™ CKV Scrubber

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