OVERVIEW: What is an industrial scrubber?

An industrial scrubber is simply another word for an air cleaning device. Some manufacturers interchange this term with wet or dry air stream scrubbers. We have further classified our “wet scrubber” as our hydrodynamic scrubber.

A wet scrubber is commonly used in the realm of air cleaning for specific pollutants. The wet scrubber is an adaptation of a portion of the natural air scrubbing process that occurs in our atmosphere.

The wet scrubber is convenient to use when the process air stream is hot. An example application for the industrial scrubber incorporates a wet scrubber on the discharge of a hot process where pollutants are in vapor form. The pollutant may be a liquid applied to the process then sent to an industrial oven to cure the product.

Upon curing, some of the liquid pollutant/s is converted to vapor through evaporation. The oven exhaust is vented to atmosphere where it has the potential to contribute to man-made air pollution.

To capture this pollutant before exhausting the process air to atmosphere, we re-create a similar scenario that converts the pollutant in vapor to a solid form. Once in a solid form, such as a droplet, we can then manage the pollutant via additional treatment such as filtration, etc. followed by proper and legal disposal practices.

This is an important aspect to consider when treating pollutants with a wet industrial scrubber. i.e. one pollutant stream is converted into another pollutant stream from dry to wet.

Designed properly, the wet scrubber is a viable method to control the output of pollutants to the atmosphere. The hydrodynamic scrubber may also be utilized to render hazardous combustible dust inert.

An example would be the conversion of aluminum dust into an inert dust.

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The Hydrodynamic wet scrubber removes odors, chemical fumes, gases, and vapors in the air stream while using half the energy of comparable systems.


  •  Humidifier

  •  Evaporator

  •  Air Washer

  •  Process Liquid & Gas Cooler


  • Particle Filtration - 95% DOP/HEPA

  • Freeze Protection

  • Roof or Suspended Mount

  • Variable Air Volume Controls


Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation can create a custom configured industrial scrubber for your specific application. Many times, we can reduce energy by up to 75% and reduce maintenance by 80% or more.


  • No high-pressure nozzles, filters or media to service

  • Highest removal efficiency with very low energy consumption

  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel welded construction

  • Hands free operation offers automatic skimming and clean down

  • Compact design features a small footprint

  • Hinged service panels for easy access

  • Intermediate and larger units designed to fit your available space

  • Vertical or horizontal configuration

  • Low energy, low head re-circulating pump

  • Unit comes fully assembled, required minimal mechanical set-up

  • Automated, PLC controls permit continuous, high-efficiency operation