CKV Hydrodynamic Scrubber by Air Dynamics



The Hydrodynamic Scrubber™ is ideal for any industrial or commercial food application that requires the capture of grease vapors and grease particulates.



Any industry that produces grease vapors and particulate matter, smoke, and odor such as food manufacturing and rendering.




Designed for commercial kitchen ventilation (CKV) and food processing facilities, the Hydrodynamic Scrubber is the ideal solution for removal of grease vapors and particulate matter, smoke, and odor from the commercial cooking process. This air cleaning unit is the next generation of cost-effective air cleaning technology for commercial cooking.


The Hydrodynamic Scrubber™ is available in ten different sizes and capacities ranging from 2,000 cfm to 50,000 cfm, so choosing the right size for your application has never been easier. We specialize in design to order systems for custom needs. If you have a specific system, contact us and we can create the system to fit your needs.




  • Available in sizes ranging from 2,000 cfm to 50,000 cfm

  • No high-pressure nozzles, filters, or media to service

  • Highest removal efficiency with very low energy consumption

  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel welded construction

  • Hands-free operation offer automatic skimming and clean down

  • Compact design means a small footprint

  • Hinged service panels with turn-n-loc latches for easy access

  • Intermediate and larger units designed to fit your available space

  • Fully automated PLC-controlled unit

  • Vertical or horizontal configurations available

  • Low energy, low head re-circulating pump