CFD-Computational Fluid Dynamics



Air Dynamics provides innovative solutions to challenges every day. Our design team discovers the best solution for the problem by rigorously testing the design solution with our custom engineering software. We focus on efficiency-by-design to decrease energy costs and maintenance, increase quality, and decrease time from start to finish providing our client with a sustainable solution and visualization of the product in operation before fabrication or manufacturing.


Capabilities and Features:


  • Simulate and optimize the design, placement, and performance of critical components and systems like hydraulics, pneumatics, valves, pumps, compressors, heat-sinks, motors, and turbomachinery

  • Determine the time required for air or fluids to heat or cool an object using multiple fluid, heat, and material types

  • Develop flow capacity and efficiency curves

  • Identifying steady state and transient rotational speeds for flow driven applications

  • Visualization and prevention of cavitations

  • Run scenarios to determine temperatures in electronic and process fabrication devices resulting from electrical resistance heating

  • Simulate the way components of pumps, fans, blowers, compressors, valves, and pistons interact and respond to prescribed flows

  • Create animations for visual studies

  • Test the flow and temperature behavior of the flow as one or more objects move through a prescribed path at a certain rate

  • Simulate the effect of solar heating on architectural applications, and performance of devices subjected to extreme weather reliability testing


Design Possibilities:


  • Enclosure Design

  • Fan and Blower Design and Placement

  • Air and Liquid Cooled Systems

  • System Level Heat Pipe Simulator

  • Chemical, Food, and Material Processing

  • HVAC and Filtration Systems

  • Valves and Pumps

  • Blowers and Fans

  • Vacuum Systems

CFD Model Graph | Heat Dispersion

CFD-Computational Fluid Dynamics

CFD Model | Central Vac


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