Air Dynamics is the only manufacturer that offers advanced state of the art downdraft table design that delivers high air volume, low pressure drop with primary and secondary filtration along with vertically arranged filters for better release and performance.

Because our filters are arranged vertically, they provide better release and performance, making us the only manufacturer that offers these two key features. The Air Wolf™ tables are suitable for wood sanding, metal dust, grinding and welding applications.

Primary Filtration: 

Nanofiber 99.999% at 0.5 Micron, 4 filters at 117 sq. ft. / 468 sq. ft. total filter area


Secondary Filtration:


Multi pleat 80% at 9.0 Micron 3 filters at 19.6 sq. ft. / 58.8 sq. ft. total filter area


Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation has developed a number of unique, proven, cost effective solutions to this problem.

These downdraft tables have been specially suited for heavy duty use in all manner of environments. When Air Dynamics was faced with numerous clients seeking a durable, high-efficiency downdraft table, they set to work to develop a product that exceed the competition in reliability and performance. 

The Air Wolf™ Downdraft Tables were the answer to these challenges. Capable of handling everything from wood sanding to weld smoke and metal dust, these tables are the workhorse for facility and operator safety and air filtration.

Call us to discuss your specific ventilation system application needs. 


  • Automatic Pulse Jet filter cleaning

  • Differential Pressure Gauge

  • Downdraft Velocity - 200 feet 1.01 m/sec.) Actual

  • Sound Level - 75 dB (A) at 5 feet (1.52 meters)

  • Overall Table Dimensions are variable based on project design parameters. Talk to our engineers to discuss specifics.



  • 3-Sided Spark Shield 

  • Backdraft / Downdraft 

  • Canopy Hood 

  • Capture Arm 

  • Casters 

  • Class II, Div II Electrics 

  • Ergonomic Foot Rest 

  • HEPA / Carbon Filtration 

  • Light Bars 

  • Non-Ferrous Metal Package 

  • Table Top Options: Wood/Rubber/Plastic/Fiberglass/Steel


  • Wood Sanding

  • Metal Dust

  • Grinding

  • Welding


  • Woodworking

  • Metal Working

  • Welding

  • Manufacturing

  • Fiberglass

  • Plastic

Air Wolf™ Downdraft HMI Interface
Air Wolf™ Downdraft Table
Air Wolf™ Downdraft Easy Maintenance
Air Wolf™ Downdraft Table Filtration
Air Wolf™ Downdraft Tables