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Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Product Description

Pneumatic conveying systems are the workhorse for modern material conveying of bulk powders. Mechanical conveyors are used where pneumatic conveyors are not suited for one reason or another.

Dry powders and granular products are produced in bulk to facilitate easy handling, transportation, transfer, storage, and blending or mixing into recipes as ingredients to the final product. Examples of types of products conveyed pneumatically are food ingredients, plastics, metal powders, propellants, small parts, etc.

Pneumatic conveying systems can be configured as portable or central systems with numerous transfer points along the path of the system. Material in powder or granular form can be transported in pipelines under negative conditions (vacuum) or positive conditions (pressure).

A dry material pneumatic conveying system line is fed using a metering device or a manual feed device. While a metered system is best suited to a process where volumes are high and accuracy is critical, a manual system is sufficient for small batching operations.

Pneumatic conveyance of dry materials can be accomplished with dedicated equipment or multi-purpose equipment. A portable or central vacuum system can effectively be used for conveying dry materials and materials that have escaped a mechanical conveyor system at transfer points or vessel fill points.

Pneumatic motive air is typically provided by an air mover in the form of a regenerative, centrifugal, positive displacement or other type of pump by using the vacuum or pressure side of the air mover. Compressed air, although costly, is also used as a motive source for conveying dry powders.

Using state-of-the-art methods and design tools, Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation can design a pneumatic conveying system for your process. Our experience spans 22 years in the bulk conveying industry.

We design and install turnkey pneumatic conveying systems for applications that may require specialized equipment and unique solutions for your specific application where an off the shelf solution may not be available.

For answers to you questions or technical assistance, please contact our design team toll free at 1-800-743-3201

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