PLĒCO™ Brand Portable Industrial HEPA Vacuum
portable industrial vacuum
portable industrial vacuumportable industrial vacuumportable industrial vacuum

PLĒCO™ Brand Portable Industrial HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

Product Description

Another innovation in the Air Dynamics arsenal of value add products, our portable industrial vacuum cleaner brings a new level of capability for our clients in the business of manufacturing.

Manufacturers that are accustomed to “making dust” during the production of your products no longer have to wait for a portable vacuum cleaner that delivers a “Production Level Vacuum Cleaners” to the plant floor.

Go ahead – throw the kitchen sink at us! Whether in piles or spread across the entire plant, we will deliver the performance you never thought possible! Available in sizes from 8.5 to 30 HP.

The PLĒCO Portable HEPA vacuum was engineered to eliminate the shortcomings of the current livery of portable industrial vacuum cleaners. Some of those shortcomings are;

• poor suction after the filters get dirty,
• an inability to sustain vacuum and airflow when connected to a process
• long lead times for imported products
• light duty frame and canister that don’t last in an industrial setting
• cumbersome, poorly balanced and difficult to move around the plant
• poor or no filter shaking mechanism to release the dust from the filters

Worried we’re all hype and no suck? Call us about our risk free performance guarantee!

The PLĒCO portable HEPA industrial vacuum cleaner is designed to attach to your continuous industrial process – contact our application engineers to help you apply our technology to your demanding process.

Our innovative design (U.S. Patent 8,888,880) incorporates a HEPA filter in every portable vacuum cleaner we offer!

The reason we include a HEPA filter into every system is simple – a portable industrial vacuum cleaner exhausts 100 to 500+ cubic feet of air – every minute, right into your breathing zone!

A HEPA filter is a must-have for all portable industrial vacuum cleaners!

What our customers have to say

“We’re a resource recovery company. We selected two PLĒCO 30 HP portable vacuum systems configured for bulk pickup. Our customer just laughed at us when the Air Dynamics PLĒCO vacuums showed up. They actually said, they‘d never work! Although they laughed, that didn’t faze us – we did our research and we had confidence in Air Dynamics’ application engineer we worked with.

The plant had a hundred thousand dollar central vacuum system; they even tried a “super sucker” with no decent results. The company gave up trying to recover the powdered tungsten themselves. We had their plant cleaned up in record time, even though the powdered tungsten weighed 1,150 pounds per cubic foot!”
M. Hakli – A Resource Recovery Firm

“We purchased the PLĒCO 8.5 HP vacuum for our powdered colors business. We chose this substantially built vacuum over a European import that didn’t offer what this American made system did. We purchased a second unit because the first system performed excellent even after filling the canister again and again without affecting the pressure drop across the filters at all.”
G. Maynard – A Powdered Color Products Firm

Inspired by L.D. Allen, the PLĒCO portable industrial vacuum never stops cleaning – just like the Pleco fish in your aquarium, the relentless sucking ability of our robust vacuum cleaner will help you to finally… CLEAN YOUR WORLD!


Additional Information

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