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Dust Control Booth

Product Description

For control of contaminants, environmental dust control booths contain and collect dust, smoke, and fume within the work area. Dust booths may be used for fine to medium particulates, including wood, metal, composites, plastics, fiberglass, dry powder, cement, and toner. In addition, wet dust collector booths provide safe dust collection for aluminum, titanium, and other potentially hazardous dust. Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation designs and installs dust collection booths specifically to meet or exceed OSHA compliance for fiberglass, hexavalent chromium, stainless steel, lead, aluminum, beryllium, natural stone, composites, wood, plastics, and other metals



We offer sanding booths & downdraft tables with a complete range of dimensions and customizable options. Booths for welding, sanding, and grinding operations which generate a heavy concentration of dust and/or smoke, the cartridge dust collection booths deliver superior performance.

Sanding booth features and options include sound absorption panels, re-gain air to enhance capture velocity, sealed florescent lighting, high-efficiency self-cleaning filters, modular expandable booths, HEPA after-filters, and built-in central vacuum system.



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