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Portable and Central Vacuum Systems

Industrial Central Vacuum Systems

A premier manufacturer of Industrial Central Vacuum Systems. Our systems incorporate a low-pressure design, thus resulting in lower energy consumption for the end user. This enables manufacturers to reduce energy requirements, reduce maintenance and operating costs when compared with conventionally designed vacuum systems.  

PLECO™ Brand Portable Industrial Loader Vacuum

The Loader Vacuum System – Designed to load dry material into a hopper using vacuum as a utility.  

PLECO™ Brand Portable Industrial HEPA Vacuum

Manufactured by Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation in York PA USA, the PLĒCO portable vacuum cleaner boasts U.S. Patent 8,888,880 for another innovation in industrial filtration design. The design benefits the industrial vacuum cleaner user with a production level vacuum system , capable of sustained performance under heavy particulate loading, typical of many industrial applications.

How does a portable industrial vacuum cleaner differ from an industrial central vacuum system?

These heavy duty vacuum cleaners are for industries working in tough environments where the demands for sturdy and reliable high performing equipment are of the utmost importance.

1. Dust from manufacturing production can be classified as combustible dust.
2. Particles from coating processes can be classified as a volatile organic compound.

In the world of industrial vacuum cleaners, there are many participants and many configurations designed to adapt or apply various technologies to a particular need. Yours should be designed to operate continuously, and would incorporate some or all of these attributes below;

1. continuous duty motor coupled to a robust vacuum producer.
2. large fabric filters area in relation to the air volume throughput. Referred to as air to cloth ratio. Ideal for removal of heavier materials and larger particles Ideal for removal of heavier materials and larger particles
3. Ability to shake, pulse or clean the filters online and offline
4. Ideal for removal of heavier materials and larger particles
5. Fully grounded and sealed to protect against static build-up
6. large storage canister, based on the air volume throughput and specific use.
7. vacuum producer inlet safety filter – preferably a HEPA filter. A HEPA filter protects the environment and personnel.
8. differential pressure Gage for the primary filter and secondary filter.

If your cleaning needs are very specific to certain locations like multiple fixed production or processing lines, then a central vacuum system with a drop-down hose for each working area would serve you well. However, many manufacturers need the flexibility to move the vacuum around and clean many areas around their plant. Portable vacuums are the right choice for that job. In addition, a central vacuum system for industrial use is not only able to support more users it consequentially lowers the cost per operator over a longer period of time. In final analysis you can see there are many variables in the application and selection of this type of industrial equipment.

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