Dust Collector systems usually center around industrial manufacturing processes. These processes are called “specific operations” as referred to by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists. There are as many dust collection equipment configurations as there are industrial operations.

Air Dynamics is a certified designer of Industrial Ventilation Systems. In order to pass an OSHA inspection of a facility’s industrial ventilation system, OSHA uses criteria found in the Industrial Ventilation, Manual of Recommended Practice as published by

Besides being a certified industrial ventilation system designer, Air Dynamics designs and manufactures customized dust collector systems that meet all necessary requirements. We are also the preferred partners for sourcing dust collector parts and service necessary when optimizing a dust collector for optimal performance. Our dust collection systems are successfully being used in international corporations for collecting combustible dusts, fumes and hazardous materials. Air Dynamics also offers a range of dust capture arms, bin vent dust collectors, cartridge filter dust collectors, fabric filter dust collectors, portable dust collectors, personnel environmental booths, air showers and industrial duct-work.

Each of these products play a vital role to help the focused factory, LEAN manufacturing etc., maintain code-compliant indoor and outdoor air quality. There are hundreds of different types of dusts that can be harmful to you, your people, the products you manufacture and processes you live around and work in. As a Company or individual, you might often find yourself going in circles looking for the right solution. Air Dynamics helps you overcome these very challenges relating to the collection of the many harmful industrial dust.

Most of the systems that we offer can be fully customized to suit specific requirements. They are available in different sizes and configurations that are uniquely compatible with your industrial application. Each of these systems is designed to consume less energy while significantly bringing down maintenance and operating costs. We GUARANTEE the lowest energy design for your application!

Air Dynamics also provides dust collector parts and service to ensure optimal performance and reduce you maintenance costs. We offer dust collector parts and service for the systems we install.

Please contact our Design Center to begin saving energy on the most appropriate dust collector and control System for your plant.