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Our People

Daniel Lehman President & General Manager
Aaron Lehman Systems Installation/Project Manager, ACGIH certified Industrial Ventilation Systems Designer
Jamie Zeigler Office Manager, Administrator
Chris Kennedy Design and Engineering
Aaron Lehman Automation and Systems Controls
Howard Gromling Project Installation Foreman
Roger Monson CFO
Andrey Moroz Shop Manager

Employment Opportunities

Air Dynamics is seeking well qualified individuals for the following disciplines. Help Wanted - Employment Opportunities in

AutoCADDrafting & Design

Sales Advisors

Shop Assembly

Employment Opportunity - Product Applications Advisor

Manufacturer of specialized air and material handling systems is seeking a self-motivated outside technical sales advisor with proven capabilities and a genuine passion for building and maintaining superior customer relationships.

If you…

·        Are goal and solution-oriented

·        Possess excellent communication skills

·        Thrive in hunting new business and reaping the benefits of your success

·        Interact well with others  and desire to be a valued part of a dynamic team

·        Have an optimistic outlook and desire to advance quickly

·        Enjoy challenges and aggressively pursuing new business opportunities

·        Value integrity and have pride in workmanship

We are seeking experience or a strong aptitude in Industrial Manufacturing and/or Defense Systems…..

·        Sales of Capital Equipment with long lead times with a minimum average of $15K plus per sale

·        Experience in selling

o   Industrial  Electrical Systems (single and three phase)

o   Mechanical  Systems

o   Pneumatic  Systems

·        Process

o   Heating  Systems

o   Cooling Systems

o   Programmable logic controllers

·        Pneumatic Conveying Systems

·        Industrial Ventilation Systems

o   Dust Collector Systems

o   Air Pollution Devices

·        Industrial Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems

… then you might be the person we are looking for.

Our current and future customers will experience unprecedented levels of service from this role.  When we solve unique challenges for our clients, we enhance their success and improve organizational results.

We plan to transform our 20 year old business model over the next 2 years and anticipate that a

Professional Product Applications Advisor will play an important role in allowing our business to acquire new opportunities.  We are offering a competitive salary based on experience level, benefits, and an attractive personal performance bonus system.

The successful candidate will satisfy the following additional requirements:

·        Is a non smoker

·        Pass a pre-employment drug test

·        Pass a motor vehicle administration (MVA) check

·        Criminal Background check

·        Pre-employment testing

If you are a sales person passionate about your career, results driven, and want the opportunity to make a significant contribution, apply today by sending a resume and a one page summary of your most significant customer management accomplishments to sales@airdynamics.net .

Equal Employment Opportunity has been, and will continue to be, a fundamental principle for this employer, where employment is based upon personal capabilities and qualifications without discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, or any other protected characteristic as established by law.

This policy of Equal Employment Opportunity applies to all policies and procedures relating to recruitment and hiring, compensation, benefits, termination and all other terms and conditions of employment.

Email resume to: adyemployment@yahoo.com or sales@airdynamics.net


About Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corp.

Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corp. is a custom manufacturer of indoor contaminant control systems. We are a veteran owned small business concern, established in 1991. We offer Dust Collection Systems, Industrial Central Vacuum Systems, Portable Industrial Vacuum Systems, Oil Mist Eliminators, Wet Air Scrubbers, Downdraft Tables, Vacuum Rentals and Industrial Ventilation System Design Assistance

Our home office is in York, PA, servicing all of North America. And beyond.

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Press Releases

April 2011


Sets New Testing Standards for Military and Commercial Applications


 Desert Wind environmental simulator

YORK, Pa. – For the first time, military operations specialists and commercial equipment manufacturers can test for adverse effects of desert conditions in repeatable real time. The new Desert Wind™ Blowing Sand and Dust Environmental Simulator from Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation is the world’s only unit that can test for either blowing sand or dust environments.  It provides a significant advancement in predictive test and evaluation platforms and sets new standards for testing in a single chamber design. The result is an ability to more precisely plan operations and produce durable equipment for adverse global conditions. 


The patent-pending Desert Wind™ technology that simulates arid environments where blowing sand and dust is present, allowing repeatability in real time, is the first of its kind.


Because the new simulator addresses these complex environmental challenges more thoroughly and accurately than other approaches, it already has been accepted by the Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) as  part of a contract for the U.S. Department of Defense and by Canada’s Aerospace Technology Center. 


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August 2010

Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation in York, PA has been awarded a contract for development of a MIL-STD-810G Sand and Dust Environmental Test Chamber for use by the Department of Defense.

Air Dynamics Corporation developed the concept of Sand and Dust Environmental Simulation in a single test chamber. Capable of real-time monitoring each test parameter, the technology will provide repeatable results for the MIL-STD810G sand and dust testing for military hardware and the war fighter.

In addition to the MIL-STD-810G, the sand and dust environmental simulator can be adapted to meet test standards such as DO-160F and others.

The Patent Pending Technology will provide the same capability to evaluate commercial products in a real-time, repeatable environment complete with data logging capability. Commercial applications include sand and dust testing for Automotive, Wind Turbine, Solar Panel, and Aerospace manufacturing.

Air Dynamics will be providing technical services to the U.S. Military in support of environmental simulation and testing development. Efforts under this task will provide enhanced testing capabilities in the simulation of environmental impact and equipment degradation in areas with significant airborne sand and dust. Air Dynamics will fabricate and install a Desert WindTM Test Chamber' for the U.S. Military.

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Air Dynamics was invited to present at the Army’s ESTECH symposium

On May 5th,  2011 at the Marriot Schaumberg Illinois, President Dan Lehman spoke on the topic of Advanced technology for environmental simulation of high velocity blowing sand, and Project Manager Aaron Lehman spoke on Best Practices: environmental simulation of high velocity blowing sand


Click here to view the slides presented by Dan Lehman


Click here to view the slides presented by Aaron Lehman


Are you having issues with grease vapor emissions from your manufacturing process?

Often Food Manufacturing companies vaporize grease while cooking, baking, or boiling their products. Once the grease is in a vaporized form it becomes airborne and is often exhausted to the outside, collected into a fabric dust collection system and sometimes it is not collected or removed from the building. These actions to not remove or remove grease vapor has caused serious issues with maintaining indoor/outdoor HVAC systems, fabric dust collectors, stack emissions, and maintaining a sanitary working environment.

Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corp. now manufactures a wet scrubber system that eliminates these issues by capturing the pollutants at the source and removing the grease and particulate that is produced in these processes. The HDS scrubber system is highly efficient, using low energy consumption, high collection efficiency with a maintenance free operation.

If you are facing problems with vaporized grease in your manufacturing process and need to eliminate the problems associated with them, we can help.




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